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Finance for Non-Finance Managers with Leong Chan Foo James

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn to manage cash flow and working capital
  2. Understand what drives budgeting numbers
  3. Appreciate how to manage financial risk
  4. Discover how to use financial measurements tools properly
  5. Speed read financial statements with ease
  6. Uncover profitability drivers in a business
  7. How to ask the right questions about a company's financials
  8. Size up a company instantly with financial ratios analysis
  9. Drive better business decisions

About this workshop:

This powerful workshop has empowered international participants from Asia Pacific, Europe, USA and the Middle East for more than 10 years. It is explained in simple layman terms that are easy to understand—guaranteed. Participants are highly energized and motivated to learn in a fun and memorable way.

Here's what our past delegates have said about the course:

"Great workshop! Makes me stay alert waiting for the next point, not wanting to miss any!"
Lim Ming Yuan, Product Manager, SingTel

"Attend this course and financials will never be Greek to you again!"
Eunice Woo, Vice President, Corporate Communications, DBS Bank

"An inspiring teacher who has made a dry subject lively and understandable with immediate application."
Pang Kim Bee, Plant Manager Becton Dickinson

"The way the course is presented is very easy to learn. Thanks James!"
Sean Greaves, Lead Specialist, Sun Microsystems

"James has delivered a great seminar in layman terms with excellent examples!"
Katherine Sia, Head of International Business, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

Who should attend

All professionals who need to understand the numbers side of the business and to make effective business decisions, including:

CEOs, directors, senior managers, head of departments, credit managers, sales and marketing managers, corporate communications and investor relations professionals, human resources and legal professionals, bankers, entrepreneurs, investors, supervisory and regulatory officials, engineers and IT professionals.

Course outline for 2-day workshop

  • Balance Sheet: how to interpret financial strength
  • Profit and Loss Statement: how to analyse financial performance
  • Cash Flow Statement: how to interpret financial health
  • Why can a profitable company still go bust and how to prevent it?
  • What is working capital and why is it important?
  • Demystify confusing accounting jargon once and for all
  • What does an annual report tell you?
  • Group accounts: subsidiaries, associates and minority interests
  • How to size up a company instantly with financial ratios analysis
  • How to read in-between the lines of financial reports
  • How to ask the right questions about a company's financials
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James Leong
James Leong Chan Foo
CEO and Principal Consultant

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